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Ryan McKay yakcm.nayr at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 16:57:34 PDT 2017

I normally have pretty much zero obligations and not much going on in my
life, so *of course* as soon as I step forward to help with a project
around the space my life gets super busy for a couple weeks.  The project
that has had me stuck 80 miles away from Davis pretty much every day since
our June board meeting (building a 10'x16' post-and-beam shed from
full-dimensioned lumber milled in our own back yard from trees felled in
said yard at my parents' place) has now reached a stopping point while we
wait for some more materials to arrive, and after the Father's Day weekend
concludes I will be back in the flatlands for a few days.

So... Rob, I will be in touch soon to coordinate a day that works for both
our schedules to get this lighting situation checked out.  Once we know the
exact day/time I will share the deets here, in case anyone else wants to
help out.  More hands are always useful for projects like this, and my goal
is to get this taken care of before the repair cafe happens.


On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 2:14 PM, yourcurtainsareugly <
yourcurtainsareugly at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, all!
> As discussed at the last board meeting, we have some new projects for
> improving the 'Space.
>    1. Fixing lighting
>    2. Building a ramp for better accessibility
>    3. Installing a vent for the A/C unit
> Rob and Ryan have taken charge of the lighting, so if you two would like
> any assistance, please reach out!
> For the others, give a shout out here if you'd like to take them on, and
> let us know when you'd like to work on them. Anything that's left over can
> be done during the repair cafe on the 25th, but we should get the A/C going
> before the first big heat wave!
> In other news, we decided at the last meeting to officially effect an
> outbox system. Simply, if you think something is useless, unused, or just
> unnecessarily taking up space, put it in a box marked "out". If you find
> something in an outbox that you still need, take it out and mark it or
> otherwise make it obvious that it's part of a project of yours. At each
> board meeting, we'll demote anything that's still in an outbox to a "free"
> box. Anything in the free box is fair game to take home or where it may be
> used. Again, at the board meetings, anything that has remained in the free
> box for a month has proven its complete and utter uselessness to all, and
> will be disposed of with extreme prejudice.
> Sound simple enough? Please let me know if I've been unclear or you have
> any questions.
> -Jax
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