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Fri Jun 9 14:14:07 PDT 2017

Hi, all!

As discussed at the last board meeting, we have some new projects for
improving the 'Space.

   1. Fixing lighting
   2. Building a ramp for better accessibility
   3. Installing a vent for the A/C unit

Rob and Ryan have taken charge of the lighting, so if you two would like
any assistance, please reach out!

For the others, give a shout out here if you'd like to take them on, and
let us know when you'd like to work on them. Anything that's left over can
be done during the repair cafe on the 25th, but we should get the A/C going
before the first big heat wave!

In other news, we decided at the last meeting to officially effect an
outbox system. Simply, if you think something is useless, unused, or just
unnecessarily taking up space, put it in a box marked "out". If you find
something in an outbox that you still need, take it out and mark it or
otherwise make it obvious that it's part of a project of yours. At each
board meeting, we'll demote anything that's still in an outbox to a "free"
box. Anything in the free box is fair game to take home or where it may be
used. Again, at the board meetings, anything that has remained in the free
box for a month has proven its complete and utter uselessness to all, and
will be disposed of with extreme prejudice.

Sound simple enough? Please let me know if I've been unclear or you have
any questions.

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