[dms-discuss] Policy for groups wanting to meet at the Makerspace

James R Holliday jrholliday at davismakerspace.org
Wed Oct 16 11:24:34 PDT 2013

So--and setting a precedence for replying to your own email--what does
this mean for groups that want to meet in the space?

1) We are an open space.  The public is free to come in and use whatever
we have to offer: tools, tables, each other, etc.  No need to even ask!

2) We are not necessarily catering to private events.  If you need to
use the whole space, we will work with you.  Perhaps we can open the
doors during some off-prime hours.  Priority, however, goes to the
communal use.

3) If you can turn it into a community event (workshop, open build,
etc), we'll do everything we can to help facilitate and promote you.


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