[dms-discuss] Policy for groups wanting to meet at the Makerspace

James R Holliday jrholliday at davismakerspace.org
Wed Oct 16 11:12:54 PDT 2013

Greetings, all.  I want to share the email I sent to TEDx regarding
their using our space for meetings.

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Greetings.  Thank you for attending our meeting last Monday.  I love the
TED motto of "Ideas Worth Spreading", and I think any group associated
with such a mindset would be a welcomed affiliate of Davis Makerspace.

In our bylaws and articles of incorporation, we devote ourselves to
"promote, support, and advance technical, scientific, and artistic
skills, innovation, and invention through individual and collaborative
projects, community building, tool and resource access, education, and
mentorship."  Clearly there is not only room, but an obligation to work
with you!

Right now, you and your group are welcome to come in whenever the door
is open and use any available tables, etc, to meet.  That's simply one
of the services we supply.  Lucian is even authorised to open the space
whenever he wants for public use, so the two of you could easily find
time that works.

There's room for more, though!  What if instead of little group meetings
you held open meetings and solicited input from the public at large?
What if instead of meetings, you held build sessions?  What if instead
of build sessions you held mini workshops?  Any of these later items we
could put on a calendar and help you promote.

It sounds like there's a lot TEDx could offer and do for Davis.  If you
and Lucian hammer out a more detailed request/plan, we'd love to help
you make it work.

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