[dms-discuss] LUGOD went well

Tim F davispcug at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 21 22:35:57 PDT 2013

October 21, 2013

Hi gang --

Thank you Braden for helping so much at tonight's presentation to LUGOD (the
Linux User Group Of Davis)! And thank you Nick and Steve for being there,
answering questions, and talking about our space and our group!

There were about 30 people in the audience, including several who came just to
learn about 3D printing. The presentation went well, the Printrbot Simple
behaved itself under Braden's watchful eye while I nattered on about the
subject, and there were lots of questions before, during, and after. We had a
good time, and I printed and then gave away a small Tux ("Tux" is the Linux
mascot: a penguin). I plugged Davis Makerspace shamelessly, and several folks
said they would visit.

It was a great evening!

Tim F

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