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Emily Schleiner cordial.emily at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 19:11:23 PDT 2013

Hey All,

Would you like to do an event during the Art About on Fri December 13th?

It's far enough off to create some projects to show…

(Recycling ideas) I came up with the show name ROOTs, thinking programmers
who work with Terminal, family and background related things, and of the
underground part of plants.

This is broad enough that practically anything can be included...

A side note: I was talking with Nicholas about how interesting it is when
paradigm shifting things (technologies) that we use everyday become so
normal that they are invisible to most people… until someone does a project
about it. :)  I might have something along these lines.

For anyone who wants to help without showing something, we will also need
people to:

1. tidy the space

2. install / hang projects

3. organize drinks and snacks

Write back and I can put you down on the Art About form as an artist.
 Also, please send other suggestions for themes.

Thanks always,


Emily Schleiner
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