[dms-discuss] Printrbot Simple working again; filament

Tim F davispcug at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 7 22:48:39 PST 2013

November 7, 2013

Hi gang --

On Monday night Jim contributed a replacement switching power supply for our Printrbot Simple (the orginal one failed a few weeks ago). Thank you, Jim! The replacement supply is larger and more powerful; I hope that it will last longer that the original.

Tonight I checked the power supply and then rewired the connector on the printer to work with the replacement power supply. The new connector dangles out the back of the printer on purpose, reducing torque on the connector and cable. It all seems to work properly.

I also rewound the string drive on the Y axis again -- recent field repairs at the Davis Flea Market didn't quite have it wound properly, and it slipped off of the motor shaft again. I fixed it up so that it won't easily come off the motor shaft, and is even more adjustable than before. If anybody ever wants/needs to work on these string drives, perhaps they would enjoy chatting with me about the optimal arrangement and adjustments.

We are running low on black PLA filament for the 3D printers. I chatted with Mick about that on Monday night. He mentioned that plastic filament is relatively expensive (currently perhaps $50.00 / roll). The group doesn't have much money. I suppose that folks really ought to purchase filament for their own projects; I've asked Mick if he has any favorite vendors that he could recommend. If anybody else has input on this, please, chime in!

Tim F

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