[dms-discuss] Printrbot Simple working again; filament

Ian Holser frolicwithfire at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 10:32:46 PST 2013

I think filament is best purchased in bulk and the cost split.  I would
suggest the space scrape together money for the filament and ask for
donations from anyone using it.  Price it such that the donations would pay
for the filament and a slush fund for future repairs of the printers.  At
least for common colors and materials like black pla.

Perhaps a filament extruder build would be something worth looking into?

Also an acetone vapor chamber for smoothing prints.

On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 10:48 PM, Tim F <davispcug at yahoo.com> wrote:

> November 7, 2013
> Hi gang --
> On Monday night Jim contributed a replacement switching power supply for
> our Printrbot Simple (the orginal one failed a few weeks ago). Thank you,
> Jim! The replacement supply is larger and more powerful; I hope that it
> will last longer that the original.
> Tonight I checked the power supply and then rewired the connector on the
> printer to work with the replacement power supply. The new connector
> dangles out the back of the printer on purpose, reducing torque on the
> connector and cable. It all seems to work properly.
> I also rewound the string drive on the Y axis again -- recent field
> repairs at the Davis Flea Market didn't quite have it wound properly, and
> it slipped off of the motor shaft again. I fixed it up so that it won't
> easily come off the motor shaft, and is even more adjustable than before.
> If anybody ever wants/needs to work on these string drives, perhaps they
> would enjoy chatting with me about the optimal arrangement and adjustments.
> We are running low on black PLA filament for the 3D printers. I chatted
> with Mick about that on Monday night. He mentioned that plastic filament is
> relatively expensive (currently perhaps $50.00 / roll). The group doesn't
> have much money. I suppose that folks really ought to purchase filament for
> their own projects; I've asked Mick if he has any favorite vendors that he
> could recommend. If anybody else has input on this, please, chime in!
> Cheers,
> Tim F
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