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Subject: 	NorCal Make-a-thon announcement (updated)
Date: 	Tue, 18 Oct 2022 10:31:47 -0700
From: 	Tim Keller <ucdwino at gmail.com>
To: 	Tim Keller <tkeller at inventopia.org>

Friends, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Makers,

We are incredibly excited to announce a new event for the creative 
geniuses in our midst:  A month-long "Make-A-Thon" focused on turning 
your ideas into functional tangible reality.

While “hackathons” are typically one-weekend types of events, the only 
thing you can */actually/* build in a single weekend is an *_idea_*.  
  We want to help you build something *_REAL_*.  - and that takes time!

So, Inventopia is teaming up with our friends at Bekonix to create 
unique kind of event: *_a month of making_* this November.  With 
Bekonix’s no-code platform for developing smart devices and the wide 
range of tools and technologies available at inventopia, you should be 
able to make *_almost anything_*_._  And along the way, we hope you will 
forge new friendships and connections with each other as you build, 
dream, and create side-by-side.

We will be putting on 4 weekend events:

  * _November 5th:_  Kickoff Event, Idea Pitches, Team Formation,
  * _November 12th_:  Work weekend / Design thinking and Bekonix workshop
  * _November 19th_:  Work Weekend / Troubleshooting with maker-mentors
  * _Thanksgiving week is off:_  We want you to show what you have built
    to your friends and family and get feedback!
  * _December 3rd:_  Final Celebration, Project Presentations, Awards
    and keynote from Godfather of the Maker movement *Dale Dougherty*!

Please help us get the word out by forwarding this email to anyone you 
think might be interested, or sharing our event on social media.  We 
appreciate it!
To register or get more details, click here: 

_Details and FAQ:_

  * Tickets are $60 to pay for food & drink at all events and materials
    - including supplies to make your own custom event T-shirt!
  * Space limited to 60 participants.
  * We do not have any particular target age for participants.  We
    already know we will have makers ranging from high-school to
    mid-50's at least.
  * We do not have any requirements for the kinds of projects. The only
    limits are your imagination and the month-long timeframe of the event
  * Minors under 14 are welcome and are free with accompanying adult.  (
    But they must have accompanying adult )
  * You do not need your own project idea when you start, we will be
    pitching our ideas and forming teams at the first event.
  * You do not need to be at every single event.  Zoom connection will
    be provided if requested.
  * If teams need special support or extra work hours at inventopia,
    extra work time can be arranged
  * Manufacturing / Prototyping Technologies available at
    Inventopia include:
      o 3D Printing ( multiple )
      o Soldering / electrical
      o Laser Cutter
      o CNC Router ( 4'x4' wood and plastics )
      o CNC Mill and Lathe ( can cut aluminum and steel)
      o TIG and MIG welding
      o Resin & Composites
      o Vinyl Cutter
      o Any hand-tool you can think of.
  * Please feel free to send additional questions to tkeller at inventopia.org

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