[dms-discuss] Volunteer hours

Julie Morrow juli34nn at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 00:25:49 UTC 2022


We’d like to start hosting hours with limited equipment in the library! We do not have a space yet, so probably just borrowing a conference room and dragging stuff out of the storage there as needed.

If you are available to commit to a time (that the library is already open), please sign up on the wiki https://wiki.davismakerspace.org/

In the olden days, we would simply post an exemption if we couldn’t make it. Now the library is counting on us to help their patrons, so ideally each time slot signed up for would either have a buddy or a backup, and if you can’t make your time, you should make sure your backup can go.

Once we’ve got some time slots sufficiently committed to, we can work on figuring out where we can do it and possibly training volunteers on some of the library’s equipment.

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