[dms-discuss] The Closure

Robert Nickerson rob at omsoft.com
Tue May 8 16:52:10 PDT 2018

Hi All

Got a call today from Diane Parro at the City who is trying to find out 
about DMS for the closure and to make arrangements.

I was told our Business license was expired, and that there is no good 
contact information.  Her number is 5307575602. I did tell her the 
landlord was Michael Bisch. She did say they are gonna do total closure 
for a few months. She wanted to know how often we need access, 
apparently we are the only building that has its only access through the 
alley which makes sense, so there is that. .

Hopefully they try and accomodate us. Someones idea about entering 
through 221 G St might be a good one, if they are cool with it. Should 
we suggest that to someone?

She said she would call me back in a couple of days after speaking with 
MB, but maybe someone can roll down to city hall and get our business 
license issue settled.

I will if you like, though I'd need the contact information of the 
person getting the license if it is not me.

Take Care

Robert Nickerson
UCD Class of 1996
CEO, Om Networks

cell: 5308483865

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