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If anybody's interested in the fate of fellow non-profit Third Space, the
following email may be of interest. It might be A Good Thing to try and
parter with them, and if there are any appropriate Third Spacey events
that could be held at the Makerspace, perhaps we could offer.

And if anybody knows of a possible space for them, they'd love to know,
although I suspect that it is nigh impossible to find a
suitable/affordable space anywhere near downtown Davis (too bad, since 3rd
Space was so easy to walk/bike to).


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Hi all,

I'm a part of Third Space (as is Sara Forestieri and some other peeps
involved at KDVS).

The basic gist of what happened: we had negotiated to keep 2/3rds of the
building (we were losing our back suite though-- where all the studios
were in the building-- which was the biggest source of income for us). 
The landlord raised the rent, though (we were paying about $2000 for the
entire building; the new lease asked $3000 for the smaller 2-suites
space).  That was the first blow-- but we thought we would be able to make
it happen. However, the city asked us to bring the building up to code
(for fire and safety reasons).  To do so, we would need about 8-15K. We
had not foreseen that cost =( So we had to make a decision to either go
into debt making renovations on the building (a building that is scheduled
to be torn down in the next 5 years) OR to move out, save our money, and
look for a better building.  We decided to do the latter.

Sara Forestieri currently has access to Third Space's PA system to use for
satellite events (house show or music event in other locations around
town).  We are hoping to still be able to have events around town to keep
the town spirit going and funky and also hopefully have a small amount of
revenue into Third Space's bank account so we can rent a new location.


On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 11:57 AM, Bill Wagman
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I had heard that Third Space was going to attempt to continue with the
smaller space. There was a planned hiatus of a few weeks while some work
was done on the building but that information is all third hand. Contact
the Third Space folks.

Bill Wagman

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Hi KDVSers!

Someone who is in the know, please let us know for sure, but I heard Third
Space is going to be ceasing operations.  The new owner of the building
took one of the 3 spaces and then raised the rent on the rest of the
building.  The Third Space Collective was still going to give it a best
effort go, but the cost was just too burdensome.  Anyway, if this is true
then we should probably remove the carts for Third Space so our audience
doesn't think those events are still going on there.  Maybe if there is
someone from Third Space on the list, they can give us a cutoff date or if
some of the events have already ceased then that would be helpful.  I
can't remember off the top of my head all the carts we have for Third
Space, but I'm sure someone can figure it out.

M. Riot

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