[dms-discuss] Project: Fix the Lights

Ryan McKay yakcm.nayr at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 08:19:36 PDT 2017

Hey everyone!

As many if you already know, there seems to be a problem with the wiring
for a lot of our hanging lights.

This coming Wednesday, June 21st, Rob and I will be at the space for a few
hours attempting to fix the lighting, starting at 6 PM.  My brother in-law
Mike will be there too, and we can always use more hands if anyone else has
the time, interest, or willingness to brave the heat.

We will have several multimeters, the space has a ladder, and Rob will be
bringing a 2nd ladder.  I will be bringing a flashlight and a headlamp or
two, Rob please do the same if you've got any flashlights.  I do not
anticipate needing more than this, tools-wise, until after we know what
actually needs fixing.

Good luck to us, thanks in advance to anyone else who shows up!

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