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Braden dms at dabrado.net
Tue Jun 20 23:18:02 PDT 2017

Thank you everyone for all the work!

Maybe you've investigated this already, but in terms of trying to use one of
the remaining boarded-up windows as an exhaust: the windows on the other
side, back when they were in their boarded-up state, were a sandwich of two
pieces of plywood with a wire-mesh and (broken) window in the middle.  So
there may be a similar situation on the remaining boarded-up windows.

Also, in case it provokes any ideas, there is a hole in the ceiling that
connects to a (currently) plugged up and disconnected pipe on the roof, that
existed for some unknown purpose.  However that is presumably too far away
to connect the portable A/C unit without some kind of extension, if that is
even possible.

  - Braden

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 02:05:39AM +0000, Roland Synnestvedt wrote:
> Hi all,
> I missed the meeting this month but wanted to give a brief update on some
> things.
> I was able to install some of the wall shelving (a 4' x 8' section) and
> have been organizing things here and there.
> I also emptied the two big boxes of random components (resistors, power
> bricks, etc) from the 3d print area and put them in the metal drawer units,
> which I setup under the pegboard for now.
> The drawers aren't labelled yet but feel free to fill them up as you see
> fit. I tried to keep them somewhat organized (power cords in one drawer,
> random-ass components from the same company in another drawer) but it is
> easy to reorganize if things get messy. Same goes for the wall shelving,
> though that's pretty close to full.
> I also brought in a working vacuum cleaner so I figured we could get rid of
> the old one unless people want to part it out.
> Regarding the A/C unit, I discussed it a bit with Aaron (he brought in the
> unit) and the best option seemed to be to cut a hole in the plywood that's
> boarding up the Southeastern-most window. That way the vent is blowing
> under the outdoor stairs (we will probably want to angle it downward so
> it's not blowing hot trash air at people). We will need to shuffle some
> stuff in the surrounding area of the fridge, but we should be able to just
> measure and jigsaw that plywood. I'm thinking maybe we can do that next
> week.
> I'm out of town this whole week so won't be hosting hours tomorrow, I'll
> update the wiki. Good luck on the lighting project Ryan!
> -Roland
> On Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 4:57 PM, Ryan McKay <yakcm.nayr at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I normally have pretty much zero obligations and not much going on in my
> > life, so *of course* as soon as I step forward to help with a project
> > around the space my life gets super busy for a couple weeks.  The project
> > that has had me stuck 80 miles away from Davis pretty much every day since
> > our June board meeting (building a 10'x16' post-and-beam shed from
> > full-dimensioned lumber milled in our own back yard from trees felled in
> > said yard at my parents' place) has now reached a stopping point while we
> > wait for some more materials to arrive, and after the Father's Day weekend
> > concludes I will be back in the flatlands for a few days.
> >
> > So... Rob, I will be in touch soon to coordinate a day that works for both
> > our schedules to get this lighting situation checked out.  Once we know the
> > exact day/time I will share the deets here, in case anyone else wants to
> > help out.  More hands are always useful for projects like this, and my goal
> > is to get this taken care of before the repair cafe happens.
> >
> > -Ryan
> >
> >
> > On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 2:14 PM, yourcurtainsareugly <
> > yourcurtainsareugly at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >> Hi, all!
> >>
> >> As discussed at the last board meeting, we have some new projects for
> >> improving the 'Space.
> >>
> >>
> >>    1. Fixing lighting
> >>    2. Building a ramp for better accessibility
> >>    3. Installing a vent for the A/C unit
> >>
> >> Rob and Ryan have taken charge of the lighting, so if you two would like
> >> any assistance, please reach out!
> >>
> >> For the others, give a shout out here if you'd like to take them on, and
> >> let us know when you'd like to work on them. Anything that's left over can
> >> be done during the repair cafe on the 25th, but we should get the A/C going
> >> before the first big heat wave!
> >>
> >>
> >> In other news, we decided at the last meeting to officially effect an
> >> outbox system. Simply, if you think something is useless, unused, or just
> >> unnecessarily taking up space, put it in a box marked "out". If you find
> >> something in an outbox that you still need, take it out and mark it or
> >> otherwise make it obvious that it's part of a project of yours. At each
> >> board meeting, we'll demote anything that's still in an outbox to a "free"
> >> box. Anything in the free box is fair game to take home or where it may be
> >> used. Again, at the board meetings, anything that has remained in the free
> >> box for a month has proven its complete and utter uselessness to all, and
> >> will be disposed of with extreme prejudice.
> >>
> >> Sound simple enough? Please let me know if I've been unclear or you have
> >> any questions.
> >>
> >> -Jax
> >>
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