[dms-discuss] Exploritable WIM Build Day

Robert Nickerson omrob at omsoft.com
Tue Apr 19 19:06:38 PDT 2016

Hi All

So I'd like to invite people to come this Sunday to help move along the 
Sandbox. I think Lars from Explorit wants to come check it out on Monday 
during open hours. The goal is to get the box anchored to the table,  
the pipe anchored that we are going to install the projector and Kinect 
on and mounted.  It would also be great to get the computer tower 
mounted and fixed as well to the pipes underneath the table. Plus 
whatever else.

Thanks to the awesome work of our newest key holder the box now has all 
its gaskets and its pretty solid.

I'll plan on being there Sunday between 10am and 1pm or so, and will 
bring a kid or 2 to let run free in the alley.

Will get a pizza around the appropriate time.  If anyone wants to come 
by and help, that would be great.

  I'm looking for someone with a router, not the Internet kind.


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