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A great lecture series:
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Please join us TONIGHT, Tuesday October 13th for L.A.S.E.R., Leonardo Art
Science Evening Rendezvous. Four speakers will be talking for 20 minutes
related to topics on art and science. Meet up in room 3001 Plant and
Environmental Sciences Building on the UC Davis Campus.
There will be refreshments and snacks!
[image: Inline image 1]

*Tuesday, October 13, 2015*

*6:30 pm-9pm*

*Location: *3001 PES (Plant and Environmental Sciences)

UC Davis Campus

Map: http://www.plantsciences.ucdavis.edu/plantsciences/visitors/m

*6:30-7:00 Socializing/Networking*

 *7:00-7:25**. Mark Chang. “**Introduction to the Theremin and Theremin

*Abstract:* Explore the workings of the earliest known electronic musical
instrument, with live demonstrations of a working Theremin.

*Bio:* Mark is an electronic hardware design engineer with a background in
aerospace, undersea robotics, and telecommunications. He is also a
musician, sound artist, and Theremin extrodinaire!

 *7:25-7:50. Dr. Michal Gavish.”Visualizing DNA.”*

*Abstract: *Visualizing DNA*is a collaborative project on the perceptional
border between art and science. Using data on protein synthesis
investigations from Prof. Onn Brandman’s lab at Stanford University, Bay
Area artist Michal Gavish, creates installations and animations for which
Brandman composes an original music score.

 *Bio:* Michal Gavish is a Bay Area Multimedia artist and art writer. With
an MFA from SFAI and a PhD in Physical Chemistry she bases her current work
on scientific collaborations . She exhibited her work recently at the Yerba
Buena Center for the Arts in SF, the last Zero1 Biennale and an extensive
solo museum show in Budapest, Hungary. Gavish also lectures extensively in
the Bay Area on contemporary art issues and writes art reviews.  website:

 *BREAK.*  Networking/Socializing. During the break anyone can have 30
seconds to share their work, announce an exhibition, show, idea
etc.  ******************************************************************************

*8:10-8:35  **Kevin DeMarco. **“This is your CPU on drugs: Improving
medicine through computational pharmacology.”*


Drug development currently involves the blind chemical synthesis of an
enormous battery of potentially therapeutic compounds, followed by a
subsequent iterative screening process of laboratory and clinical testing.
This enormously time-consuming and expensive endeavor often breaks down at
the clinical level when drugs end up failing to treat the diseases they are
intended to treat, or worse, actually cause fatalities in certain subjects.
These unintended outcomes occur because *there is currently no accounting
for specific individual differences in physiology, *and *there exists no
robust mechanism to accurately predict and differentiate between the useful
or potentially harmful action of drugs. *Fortunately, computational
resources and software models are now approaching a point where it is
conceivable to physically simulate drug-target interactions *at the atomic
level *and predict the effect, or harmful action of drugs *a priori*, hence
rationalizing, and perhaps revolutionizing, therapeutic development in a
way that is ultimately more efficient, specific, and humane.

*Bio:* Kevin is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Biophysics at the University
of California, Davis. He has presented his work at the conference of
Mathematical & Computational Medicine, as well as the annual meeting of the
Biophysical Society. He is also a photographer, musician, long-distance
runner, and avid enjoyer of impossibly loud music.

* 8:35-9:00  Dr. Robert Becker. “Big Data is your Friend. “*

*Abstract:* Big data in astronomy at UCD means sky survey. These provided
the starting points for various and sundry research projects. Big data comes
with some risks but get over it.

*Bio: *After short stays at Goddard Space Flight Center, Virginia Tech, and
Columbia University, Robert settled in the Department of Physics at UCD. He
is best known for radio surveys and discovering the reionization of the
universe. He has traveled the world to see a large variety of birds.


*Anna Davidson* is the moderator and organizer of UCD LASER. She is
currently an M.F.A. student in Art Studio at UC Davis. Previously, she
received her Ph.D. in the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis studying
plant ecophysiology.

*For more information:*

Find Facebook Event at this Link!



*Location: *3001 PES (Plant and Environmental Sciences)

UC Davis Campus

Map: http://www.plantsciences.ucdavis.edu/plantsciences/visitors/map.htm
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