[dms-discuss] Bonus Monday Update

Robert Nickerson rob at omsoft.com
Mon May 18 21:44:14 PDT 2015

Hola Makerpeeps

1) So the bank of lights up by the whiteboard is now operational. I had 
to splice the power cable with electrical tape. As the switch assembly 
just fell apart when I set it up last year. I did not find wire nuts. To 
turn it on, just hit the power strip that is on top of the wood framing 
that lines up with the middle light, and we should have good light on 
the whiteboard.

I  think we need a better solution though for turning it on and off 
though, that doesnt need a ladder or someone standing on a table. I'd 
like to learn  how to wire it into the main system that turns the Tim 
lights on  and off,  or  maybe we can just attach an extension cord and 
run it along down to one of the power strips. Maybe the one by the 
stereo. That would probably be better, b/c we probably want our house 
TIm  lights on while we run a projector, and we  dont want those front 
lights shining on the projection.

2) I put the new projector lamp bulb in its box on the scannerbot thingy.

3) Ground Zero has a "we lost our lease" banner sale type thing on its 
store front.

4) I talked to 2 people about the space tonight that came by b/c I had 
the door propped open and music a blaring.
One guy promising, one guy disturbed but needy. I gave him some tips on 
how to educate himeslf and told him about sketch up and arduino.

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