[dms-discuss] Square Tomatos Crafts Fair

Steve Edberg edberg at edberg-online.com
Fri Mar 20 13:01:59 PDT 2015

I ran into Sally Parker from Square Tomatoes at Wednesday's Davis
Jumpstart meetup, and she said she'd love to see the Makerspace back at
the Fair.  The next one ia Sunday April 19 11-4, Central Park.

They're also having an 'Invention & Upcycling Contest' there. Not much
information about it yet, but it sounds like it's pretty open - you can
show off apps you've debeloped, you can show off sculptures/tools made
from castoffs, etc.


Aso the monthly Jumpstart meeting is pretty interesting -


- there's usually someone from the city there, I've been trying to push
the space. We have DMS business cards, right? I should probably bring some
the next time I go. There are also usually other useful allies there, like
Square Tomatoes, Third Space, and folks from the Davis Live Music
Collective -


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