[dms-discuss] 2015-04-13 DMS General Meeting Minutes

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Hi all,

Tim found an error in the minutes about the existence of a mobile cart which I
seemed to have imagined.

The revised minutes and the diff from the original are attached, and the page
has been updated:

Please let me know any other corrections you find.

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- Meeting start @ 19:06
- Roll Call
  - Board is present minus Bill, who will be late.
- Approval of previous meeting minutes.
  - Seems to be fine.
- Additions to tonight's agenda?
  - Bill wanted to talk about library.
  - Update on potential sponsor.
- Officer Reports
  - (President) Thanks to Rob and Adam for hosting the Art About.
  - (Secretary) Nothing to add
  - Treasurer
    - Insurance company hasn't cashed check yet.
    - Once that happens, inflow won't quite match outflow...
- Committee reports
  - Events
    - Art About
      - Perhaps should delay May event until June, since falls on same day of Whole Earth Festival.
      - Perhaps Steve E. would be interested in a music-based Art About.
      - (Rob) Some fun lighting?
    - Brunch
      - Let's do that soon.
      - Perhaps later this month, to hopefully coincide with N+E being around.
    - Key Committee
      - No activity
      - Suggestion of having some kind of marker for the RFID sensor location that doesn't call
        attention to itself as a marker.  Tim suggests fake bird droppings.
- Old business
  - (Rob) Sandbox
    - Met with Explorit, they are doing a round of fundraising for the sandbox/virtual watershed
    - Will look into how to make a sandbox, something perhaps with extruded aluminum and
      plastic(?); some discussion on that.
    - First $5000 of fundraising will go to this project.
    - Can start giving them a list of things to buy, and they will start to buy it.
    - They have already supplied a graphics card, and a table to support the sandbox.
    - Theme of this project now seems to be "shaping watersheds".
- New business
  - Can we plan for a new bulb?
    - (Rob) motion to buy whatever the most cost effect bulb we can find, which is about $100.
    - (Tim) was it used enough with the sandbox project that replacement parts could come via that
    - Rob has permission by board to buy a bulb for around $100, to be reimbursed by the space.
  - (Rob) who stocks the fridge?
    - (Tim) does.  They'll talk about restocking.
  - (Rob) 4H projects
    - Would like to lead a project involving electronics.
    - 1/month for Saturday or Sunday
    - People like the idea.
  - (Adam) Workshops for high school students
    - Teacher would be interested in having some students in to play with the 3D printers and
      perhaps the foam cutter.
    - Perhaps $20 / student, with the teacher matching it.
    - Would be needing member(s) to help run this workshop.
    - Some of the the 3D printers are working better than others.
    - Would be for the summer; e.g. some time in June/July.
    - First step would probably be to have the teacher meet with the board, and/or come to the May
  - (Bill) About Sue @ Library
    - Been working with groups of kids in Davis and Sacramento.
    - Would like to make some "Maker Kits" for electronics and such.
    - (Tim) What sorts of kits would she like? There are existing kits out there and Radio Shack
      and Fry's; does she want something more than that?  If so, what?
    - (Jim) There are some existing curriculum out there that could be (re)used for this purpose.
      - Aside: Could this be a budget model? Helping other groups with funding to put together
    - Bill will be a point of contact with Sue.
- Adjournment @ 19:36
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