[dms-discuss] Initial Key Policy

James R Holliday jrholliday at davismakerspace.org
Tue Mar 18 14:01:06 PDT 2014


Thanks for feedback!  We have until Monday before we need to present a
"final" version for review.

> 1) I like that it attempts to set policy on why keys will be issued. 
> 2) I like the part about "hold regular open hours".
> 3) I like the part about being "free to close the door behind you".
> 4) I like the "general philosophy" section.

So far, so good :)

> 5) The "general philosophy" section says that "Everyone in the Davis
> community should have access to the space." I note that they already
> CAN have access: all they have to do is show up during the open hours
> listed on the wiki. Or they can contact one of the volunteers on the
> wiki to arrange special hours. But they don't NEED a key; there is no
> NEED to give a key to anybody that wants a key.
> 6) The Space has existed for a year without needing to grant lots of
> key access. We have already proven that we can make it without the
> risk of giving out lots of keys. Accordingly, I think that we should
> actively plan to protect and enhance our infrastructure by being
> careful to not give out keys unless they are actually needed.

I can see what you mean.  And there certainly haven't to date been too
many requests for "off-hours" access.  I think when we first envisioned
the space, however, there was a sizeable group of people who desired
having unrestricted access to the space.  Should we proceed in a way
that preserves that (future) option, should we outline a path that helps
promote more open hours and negates the need, or is there a middle ground?

> 7) So I don't like the part about "money and/or accepted tools" being
> a way to get a key. I think that's asking for trouble.

I agree with you: this does sound like an end-run around the "no special
benefits in return for money" requirement.  I included those bullet
point examples to be as general as possible.  Perhaps that's too general?

> 9) So I think that the only reason to have a key should be because
> you need a key as part of making significant, responsible, repeated
> (not merely casual) contributions of time and effort to the space,
> [...]

I like the sound of that...

> in three ways: by being a member of the Board; or by holding regular
> and frequent open hours; or by maintaining the Space's infrastructure.
> 10) Accordingly, I don't think "Teach a class" or "Help clean up
> after open house" by themselves should be reasons to get a key.

I'm requesting others chime in here.  I could see "Teach a class"
becoming "hold regular classes" and being acceptable.  And if cleaning
up was done regularly, perhaps that could fall under "repeated
contributions of time [...] maintaining the Space's infrastructure".

Who else has thoughts/comments?


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