[dms-discuss] List of Accomplishments-10/20/2013

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October 21, 2013

Hi  Sam et al --

Hey Sam, thanks for reporting on what's going on! You are "building community" -- good for you! Plus, you are bringing up subjects for discussion and consensus.


I agree with Jeff about working tools vs. stuff needing repair. And I think a drill press would be very useful to have in the space. Rob: Does it have a stand? Or is it a benchtop model?

Maybe James can turn a new handle on a lathe, for the chisel?

Cool: A MiG welder! Will Natalie teach a workshop for us?

We're pretty short on space near the windows for a planter box (gotta leave space for the windows to open, and eventually for rollup blinds)... and we probably should not attach anything to the outside wall of our space. But I really like the idea of live plants, plus an automatic watering system. Hmmm.... suggestions?

Flycatchers (the sticky tape kind) are kinda gross... didn't the alcohol sprayer work?

Thanks for letting folks know about the 3D printing successes. Soon we will need some more PLA filament; maybe we can get some in different colors. Maybe Mick can tell us about suppliers?

Keep on making!

-- Tim F

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 I personally would prefer
 working equipment vs something that may need work.  We
 already have a few items in the space that need repair, and
 my suspicion is that they will remain in dis-repair for a
 good while before any of us gets around to repairing them,
 (would be super happy if someone got on a repair bender
 that, Rob, if your press is in good condition, it could be a
 nice addition.  How big is
 it? Jeff
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 [dms-discuss] List of Accomplishments-10/20/2013
     I have a drill press for the space. Havent brought it
 because of
     space limitation considerations. 
     Its waiting in my garage, and it works. Can bring it if
 you all
     On 10/21/2013 1:03 AM, Sam Hanke wrote:
         Hi all,
           Today was quite productive. Natalie and I bought a
           to be used for the MIG welder from the SPCA Thrift
 Shop. We
           noticed a beaten-up drill press there for $10, so
 if anyone is
           willing to put in the time and effort, then it
 would be
           beneficial to grab it up when you can. As Natalie
 was taking
           out the copper coils from the newly-acquired
 transformer, the
           wooden handle of the chisel that she was using
           Fortunately,  she is fine, but the chisel is
           unfixable (by my untrained eyes). The chisel was
 placed next
           to the boxes where all of the scrap wood laid. I
 think that
           the body of the microwave would make a good
 planter for any
           plants that we would like in the space. Natalie
           suggested that we invest in some flycatchers, to
 address the
           never-ending fly problem. 
           From my time here, I have finally found out how to
           .stl files easily into gcode: in Slic3r, just add
 the file you
           want using the "Add" button, then
 "Export Gcode" into the file
           that you need to place it under. This has kept me
           converting a plethora of .stl files into a folder
 that I have
           labeled "Wishlist Printer". One day, i
 will print all of those
           things. One day...
         Sam(Mendeleev on IRC DavisMakerSpace Chat)
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