providing space for TEDxUCDavis

Lucian Novosel lucia... at
Thu Oct 3 21:52:43 PDT 2013

    the TEDxUCDavis team is looking for a space to hold meetings. I was 
wondering if we could host them at our space. 

I used to be on the team and I know the lead curator very well. Their team 
of 5ish would be happy to use the space at any convenient time and keep 
quiet meetings when necessary. It's worth mentioning that TEDxUCDavis is a 
student run non-profit group and that they're currently organizing a Fall 

Maybe they could give us some free tickets. : D

I would be able to make myself available and open up the space for their 
(mostly weekend) meetings. 

I would love to bring them by but I don't think we're meeting anytime soon. 
I'll get the curator, Cory Warshaw to come by this Friday(10/03).

Would anyone be interested in meeting part of the team Friday(10/03)? What 
would you guys think of providing a space for TEDxUCDavis?

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