Vending machine update

Tim F davi... at
Thu Oct 3 21:51:33 PDT 2013

October 3, 2013

Hi snackers --

Thanks to all of you who have been filling out the vending machine surveys in the space! Your wait for snacks in our space is nearly over: Bill dropped off the "Snack King" vending machine tonight (thanks, Bill!!!) and it is gonna be great!

It actually accepts coins -- it's not an "honor system" vending machine -- but it is not electric.

It needs some minor repairs. I've repaired vending machine before, so Bill showed me what needs to be done, It's a one-person task, so if nobody objects I will take that project on (please let me know if you would rather do it yourself).

Right now the machine is sitting on a table in the space. Lucian's big lamp has been moved to underneath that table, since the lamp is a bit fragile and we are making space for the big plotter that Jeff will bring in soon!

We're starting to get some good equipment in our space... maybe it's time to think about arranging it... I'd like to suggest that the living-oriented stuff like the vending machine should end up at the east end of the room, near the couch, microwave, toaster, etc.

Hmmm... maybe we could entice James to build a nice cabinet upon which the machine sat, with the spare stock locked up beneath it... James?

Make it happen!
-- Tim F

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