[dms-discuss] Printrbot Simple String Drive

Braden dms at dabrado.net
Sun Oct 27 22:25:33 PDT 2013


Today I was showing the Printrbot Simple to a couple people, and the arm axis got stuck before it could get to its limit switch.

One of the people noticed the string had overlapped itself on the drive mechanism part, and the other person suggested trying to move the string attachment to the other side of the arm to try to keep the string from doing that.  It seemed like a nice suggestion, and easily reversible, so I gave that a try.

Indeed, it is working again, and the string doesn't seem to be so prone to overlap on itself, in brief testing.

However, the string does get pretty close to the edge of the shaft, moreso than it did before.

So anyway feel free to put the string attachment back on the other side, or tell me to. :)

I think the original overlapping may have occurred because the arm axis hit the end of its run but the motor kept going, and the string slid over the shaft and then over itself, if that makes any sense.  Feel free to ask about it in person; it is hard to describe in text.

  - Braden

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