[dms-discuss] Door Controller Operating Again

Braden dms at dabrado.net
Sun Oct 27 21:41:58 PDT 2013


The door is accepting usb keys again.

I was hoping to do a general upgrade, but ran out of time, so for now just did some patches to deal with the immediate issue of having it do some sane resetting.

That being said, I wasn't actually able to reproduce the error, after many times and permutations of using the keys.

BUT, if that error were to happen again, the service is more likely to be sure to reset the door lock signal before dying (needs tests to be sure), and it is very certain to reset it upon the service restarting (which happens immediately after a service crash).

Tim: The mechanical part of the mechanism seems to be having issues again unlocking the door, even when the door itself is open.

Lauren: I'm afraid it still doesn't apologize for itself; I'll have to keep doing that on its behalf. :(

  - Braden

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