[dms-discuss] Key Policy thoughts

Jim Stewart jstewart at jkmicro.com
Wed Oct 9 21:56:10 PDT 2013

After reading over the Key Policy Development wiki page,
here are my thoughts...

Prerequisites for all keyholders:

Age 18 or greater.

Member in good standing

Ability and willingness to assist and/or mentor other
Makerspace members or the public in at least one skill
supported by the space.

  Examples would be 3D printers, electronics,
  Arduino development, art projects, carpentry
  or metalworking.

Willingness to accept the role of Davismakerspace
representative to the community.

  New visitors can be easily discouraged by being
  ignored or treated with annoyance or condescension.
  Keyholders would be expected to greet visitors,
  explain the resources available, and encourage
  them to attend the next meeting.

Signed Keyholder Agreement on file

  Another project.  I think a Keyholder Agreement
  is needed to clearly spell out the responsibilities
  of the job.  I'm willing to help develop it.

Members meeting all of the above requirements are
also expected to contribute to the Davismakerspace
in at least one of the following ways:


  A continuing level of donation.  $30 per month
  has been discussed.


  A minimum committment of 5 hours a month.  Board
  member activity would be counted towards the
  time committment as would fundraising, public
  relations and educational work.  General meeting
  attendance would not count.

   The 5 hours number was just pulled out of the


  At the board's pleasure, keyholder privilages
  might be granted for extraordinary service in
  support of the goals of the organization, the
  community, or the Makers movement.

Keyholder Approval Process

  I propose the creation of a 3 member Keyholder
  committee of board members and/or current
  keyholders.  The committee would meet in private
  with perspective keyholders, review the pre-
  requisites and either recommend or decline to
  recommend keyholder privileges be granted to
  the applicant.

  Committee members declining a member for keyholder
  privileges would be expected to explain their reasoning,
  offer suggestions for remedying issues standing
  in the way of keyholder status and advise when the
  member can reapply.  All information and discussion
  of declined keyholder privileges must remain confidential.

  Members recommended for keyholder privilege will
  be recommended to the board at the next general meeting.

   The intention here is that the board would unanimously
   approve anyone recommended for keyholder privileges.
   Making the event public would give recogition to the
   new keyholder.

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