[dms-discuss] (retry) Who owns the stereo and speakers at our space?

Nicholas Weigand ntw at davismakerspace.org
Thu Nov 14 22:50:08 PST 2013

Fine by me. Any chance the vu meters will be ready by the December artabout?
On Nov 14, 2013 10:44 PM, "Tim F" <davispcug at yahoo.com> wrote:

> November 14, 2013
> Hi gang --
> (Sorry about that last empty message...)
> I'd like to make a few simple modifications to the speakers and the stereo
> that are in our space, in preparation for installing our Giant VU Meters
> project.
> I'd like to suspend the speakers high up on our east wall using some
> chains that Nicholas donated, and I'd like to put the stereo itself on a
> simple shelf in our northeast corner.
> If somebody owns them, please email me so that I can get your OK?
> Or if they are official property of the space, does anybody object if I
> modify them that way?
> Thanks!
> -- Tim F
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