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Tim F davispcug at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 15 13:43:45 PST 2013

November 15, 2013

Hi gang --

So last night after midnight it got a little rowdy downtown near our space; lots of partying.

Just before 1 a.m. one or more people got up on the roof of our shed. That happens fairly often late at night when there is action at the local bars. This time, somebody dragged heavy stuff around up there for a while. That was unusual enough that I carefully looked on the roof from a safe spot across
the alleyway (no point in having a drunk drop something gross on me...).

I could see somebody lying on the roof, so I locked up and contacted the police downtown; they checked the roof but found nobody. They said that I should always call the police if somebody goes onto the roof.

I thought about that as I drove home, and realized that even if I am used to drunks up on the roof, I should still call the police when I hear somebody up there. After all, I'd feel pretty awful if some fool fell off the roof and I might have prevented it by simply dialing a phone number!

So, in case you are ever in such a situation, I urge you to call the Davis police. On these party nights they often have a police car stationed about 1/2 block away, so they will probably arrive real fast.

You can dial 911 it's a real emergency.
Or FROM YOUR CELL PHONE you can call 758-3600 if it's a real emergency.

If it's not an emergency, you can call 747-5400.

Our location is: The green shed in the north end of Tim Spencer Alley, between 2nd and 3rd streets behind Bistro 33 and Ground Zero Board Shop.

I'll put this info up on a sign in our space, too.

Speaking personally: If you don't have access to a phone and feel OK about leaving the space, you could try locking up our space and running over to Bistro 33; there is usually someone working there late at night. In fact, they have security cameras watching their backside in the alley, and when the police arrived someone from Bistro 33 came out and said that they saw the events that happened last night.

I have also had people knock on the door late at night when it is locked. If I don't personally recognize their voice, then I ask them to go to the window so that I can see who they are, BEFORE I open the door to let them in. I would do that even if they said they were the police.

Make Safely! Regards,
Tim F

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