[dcw] Door Control

Nicholas Weigand daw... at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 15:06:17 PDT 2013

Thanks for the generosity Braden!

I think that given a couple of hours with the pi or beaglebone I could
have everything up and running at least at a basic level for USB
authentication.  I would need to talk to Tim about what sort of output
we need to send to his controller before we have anything final.

The system that I whipped up is input medium agnostic (it only deals
with a username and password in text format), so we can feed it data
from a usb stick, qr code (via camera) or some other source and it
won't care.  I'll try to put it in to alpha stage and stick it on
github on Sunday.  Hopefully the group will hack away at it.

Re: camera I was looking at something like this:
not sure if the resolution is high enough, but the codes wouldn't need
to hold too much information so it would probably work.  That was what
I found after a couple of minutes, I'm sure there are better options!

I'm not attached to any of these solutions and hope somebody smarter
than me can come up with something better!


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 9:56 PM, Braden Pellett <goo... at dabrado.net> wrote:
> Hi Nick (and all)
> I got your message on IRC, re: using the Raspberry Pi I left for trying out some door control stuff.
> Just want to say that, by leaving the raspberry pi in the space, I have effectively donated it, meaning you can do whatever you want with it in the space!  Though, you have to weigh that against depriving people from groovy beats whilst you conduct your experiment. :)
> That being said, I also have a BeagleBone Black coming in soon which I specificly think will be good to try out for door control and possibly other 'space monitoring' applications.  So how about you try stuff out on that?
> Speaking of the door control, is there anything you'd like me to look into on that front?  What is your progress?  If, as it sounds like, you're working on the USB hardware keys, I could look into 2D codes (e.g. QR Code, Data Matrix, etc) keys.
> Let me know!
> Thanks,
>   Braden
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