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Fri Oct 19 15:19:47 PDT 2012

Yes, it's a bit of a conundrum, since we now (if I recall correctly)
have at least three space possibilities:

(1) Downtown space

(2) L Street space

(3) 5th street (behind Omsoft's new expansion space)

I personally like the downtown space, since it is a little bigger and
has more visibility for outreach, but it's always nice to have
alternatives. I don't have an account yet on the makerspace server, but
I have my own host and I can compile a quick summary of each space there
- square footage, rent, lease terms, etc.

For the L Street space, there's first/last month's rent required, no
deposit. City services are shared with other tenants, proportional to
the square footage. There is currently one single utility bill that's
divided among all tenants as well.


On 10/19/2012 2:40 PM, James R Holliday wrote:
> Steve,
> Nice recon work.  I'd love to see some pictures when you get a chance.
> This puts us at a decision.  I can't imagine this space staying
> available for too long, so if we want to grab it we might need to move
> quickly(ish).  There are three issues at play:
> 1/ We agreed last meeting to move forward on the downtown space.  Jordan
> (I think) has already contacted the property manager.  Do we want to
> reverse that decision?
> 2/ Do we have enough support to cover the proposed rent.  It's about
> $900 a month, with no grace period.  If there are 20 of us, that's $45.
>  Definitely doable, but only if there are 20 of us...  Would there be
> 1st/last month and utilities deposit?
> 3/ Are we willing to commit to 3 months on this type of financial
> experiment?
> I think we should try to reach (another) decision at the next meeting.
> I don't want to push into the downtown space if the group's heart isn't
> in it.  On the flip side, I want us to move into *a* location soon so I
> can start approaching other companies (Mori Seiki, Intel, Home Depot,
> etc) for possible grants and donations.
> James

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