WIki subpage proposals and a usage question

Steve Edberg edb... at
Mon May 28 12:14:11 PDT 2012

If no one has any objection, I'd like to create two additional subpages on

(1) Show & Tell notes - just a simple list, eg -

  * 27 May 2012

    * Reprap (link to

- so we can remember what was shown, and get links for further info.

(2) Naming

I know we discussed doing this via this list, and then posting a few names
for consideration on the wiki, but it might be easier if we simply started
adding names to a wiki page, and then we could whittle those down to a
second round for voting at some point.

And now the question: is there any objection to occasional group purchase
requests on the list? For instance, I'd like to get a Soekris
( box and they have quantity discounts starting at 2.
If the consensus is that this would add too much noise to the list, we
could do this offlist or create another list for that purpose. I'm not
sure myself if I'd like to see a lot of this on the list, so I'm open to
not doing it.

And once we get more of  a group structure and create a website, we could
create a parts buying group for this purpose.

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