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Thanks...I find them entirely acceptable :)

And to provide links to a couple of the spaces that were mentioned:

The Torpedo Factory, Alexandria VA:


They provide a for-cost how to start an art center packet:


which I believe is what the Open Door Art Studios -


- is using (unfortunately the old Hunt & Wesson plant -


- is gone, so we can't open 'The Tomato Factory' on its 100acres/formerly
600K sq ft of buildings). Also related, but probably not relevant to us,
is the Benicia Arsenal -


I knew several people (including the Intuitive ISP people) who have/used
to have studio or live/work space there. Fun place to visit during their
biannual open studios.

   - steve

On Sun, May 27, 2012 4:56 pm, Braden wrote:

> [ Hopefully these are acceptable... never taken minutes before.  I tried
> to make it more of a summary, to keep the length readable.  If you want
> specifics, feel free to ask... or, come to the meeting. ;)  -- Braden ]
> Minutes for 2012-05-21 meeting of Davis Community Workshop / Hackerspace.
> Attending: Allan H, Angel Y, Braden P (Recorder), Darin W, Glenda D,
> Jesse D, Jordan VA (Facilitator), Larry F, Mark C, Michael F, Mick B,
> Patrick S, Paul U, Robbie M, Steve I, Steve E
> Meeting began at 7:00pm.
> Agenda was reviewed.  Call for agenda additions.  Patrick added filming
> of meeting and "In The Studio" appearance.
> Filming of the meeting.  Patrick asked permission to film portions of the
> meeting for B roll of a future episode of DCTV's "In The Studio"
> interview program.  No objections were voiced.
> Name of the space.  "Davis Community Workshop" is only a neutral
> placeholder name.  The negative image of "hackers" makes the term
> "hackerspace" cause a loss of time and energy to explain during outreach.
> We could still associate ourselves with the larger "hackerspace"
> community via the eventual website, where it would be easy to provide an
> immediate link and explanation.  We discussed how to generate a list of
> names.  Consensus was to brainstorm over email and record the list on a
> Davis wiki page.  We'll deal with how to choose from the list once it
> exists.
> Recap of Spacecamp and Maker Faire.  Braden summarized his time at the
> Spacecamp meeting of maker/hackerspace facilitators and founders.  He
> listed the varied models of the 11 represented spaces, and some
> suggestions from a breakout session about starting a space.  Jordan
> recounted talking with some hackerspace members at Maker Faire from
> PS:One, Hacker Dojo, and Noisebridge.  Robbie talked about American
> Steel.  Others talked of attending Maker Faire.
> Space.  The discussion continued on topic of the different types of
> spaces that exist.  Talked some about security in the space, and what
> beyond locked doors could be used to protect tools.  Some talk of what
> spaces are available in Davis.  Olive drive spaces brought up as large
> and less than $1/sq.ft.
> Startup / Money.  Other groups started collecting dues before they had a
> space.  Suggestion that we could do this plus offer membership discount
> for those who paid in before there was a space.  Other models for
> funding: Davis Food Co-op, Davis Studio / Torpedo Factor Art Center.
> Could start classes before there is a space.  We could start a list of
> potential spaces, of what people would like out of the space, and of what
> they could put into the space.  We will make a wiki page for depositing
> this information.  Stress was put on the need for good management for the
> space.
> Mission / Governance.  Discussion turned to trying to develop a shared
> group identity.  The aforementioned list of what we'd like to put into
> and get out of a space helps here.  Also, finding a project to do
> together had good support as a way to generate a group identity.  We
> added projects as another thing to list on the wiki page.
> Meeting closed at 8:15pm for project show and tell.

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