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Tue May 22 15:32:40 PDT 2012

Hi all,

It was great to meet with some of you at yesterday's meeting. I think
the hackerspace is a fantastic idea and I'd like to feature it on "In
the Studio". There are a few things we'll need to get group consensus
on first. In short, we'll need the group to OK 2-3 representatives to
come on the show, plus we'll need an OK on the content we'll talk
about (see below)
In more detail (Q & A style)...
Q: What is "In the Studio" and who is Davis Media Access?
A: "In the Studio" (ITS) is a chat show that covers issues and events
relevant to Davis. Davis Media Access (DMA) is Davis' community TV and
radio station. It's funded by donations, plus cable companies pay a
fee for the right to run their cables through the city and those fees
go to DMA. The shows are produced and filmed with the help of
volunteers and anyone can help out on a production, make their own
films, or host their own TV show. Shows are broadcast under a creative
commons license.

Q: How will this benefit the hackerspace?
A: It can help to raise awareness of the project and hopefully attract
donors, members, etc.

Q: What do you need for the show and how will it be filmed?
A: We'll need 2-3 people (we can't fit more that that on the couch) to
come on the show as representatives of the hackerspace and basically
just have a chat about it. Footage or images of projects, other
spaces, Maker's Faire, Space Camp or anything similar will be great,
we'll be able to use it during filming. The show's filmed in one take,
with no post-production, then aired locally on Davis Community TV and

Q: What will be discussed?
A: This will depend on the group's decision, we want to make sure
everyone's happy with how the hackerspace is represented. The topics
can be as loose or as structured as the group wants, but there will
need to be a bit of wiggle room, because if it's too scripted it won't
be interesting to watch - that's where the representatives come in,
they'll need to be able to represent the vision for the space. Some
topics could include:
What is a hackerspace (e.g. dispelling myths about black hat computer
hackers), what is the vision for the Davis hackerspace (with reference
to other spaces), what's involved in planning (location, equipment,
legal stuff like insurance, membership, different users' needs,
instruction, etc.), what can the space offer the community, examples
of some members' projects, how people can join/get involved (to
promote the space)

Q: When would this happen?
A: Potential dates and times are: June 12th 7-8pm, June 21st 12-1pm
and June 21st 1-2pm.
That gives us 3-4 weeks to get people's input, but it would be best if
we could get a general yea/nay by the end of May so I can make the
booking. We could have a formal vote at the June 4th meeting if people
like, then if people vote "yea" we'll still be good for the June 21st
spots. If the representatives aren't available during the day, we'll
need to move a bit more quickly.

That's about it, I'll edit the post if I think of anything else,
otherwise feel free to post some replies with your opinions,
suggestions for representatives, suggestions for content, etc.

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