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Hey, my name's Michael. I'm involved in the Hackerspace-to-be and I'm
really interested in making a documentary film that shows how, by means of
an approach that's not in-line with a more standard institutional approach
to a project, one (or many) of our projects are capable of approaching
projects in entirely new ways, bringing new ideas to the table. I'm an
aspiring filmmaker and I believe that Braden spoke to you briefly about my
interests. Is this something that you'd be interested in? Do you know of
any resources that I should pursue? Are my goals somehow in line with your

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> Hi all, My name's Patrick, I'm a volunteer with Davis Media Access and
> I'm posting to see if the group's interested in being on "In The
> Studio" - it's a chat-style show about issues and events relevant to
> Davis, broadcast on Davis Community Television.
> I'm interested in joining the Hackerspace anyway, so I'll drop by on
> Monday (May 21st). I'd like to ask permission to bring a camera along
> and if the group's interested in the show, to shoot some footage for B-
> roll while I'm there.
> Cheers
> Pat
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Michael Figlock
University of California, Davis
Film Studies Major
Filmmakers' Ambitions President
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