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I would be interested in this place.  Even if only a few of us were willing to pay rent on this initially spot, the rent is low and having a month to month lease is nice.  There seemed to be a few of us who were were willing to throw down on a space soon, so if we had a small group of us who would be willing to pay in now, we could set it up so those people could start using the space right away.  It would be more of an informal workspace for those people at that point.  Meanwhile we could continue developing the larger makerspace organization, and convert the leasing over to the organization once that's complete.  If other people wanted to join in on the shared space, then we could add them in and re-divide the cost share.  
That would probably rule out public workshops or opening the space up for public use, for the moment, but it would let those of use who are simply interested in a shared space get going on that.

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Hi All,

Just wanted to chime in about 1615 2nd street. I've been renting 3 vehicle storage spaces there for the past 12 years. The shop space was used by a cabinet builder for many years and he was only there occasionally. The shop is inside the vehicle storage yard and to gain access to the yard a key is required to open a big heavy gate that is clumsy and has caused injuries to most of the people who rent space at the yard. The shop itself is uninsulated and has a low ceiling and so is rather uncomfortable during extreme weather. However, the low rent is certainly appealing. Actually the place has the lowest vehicle storage rent around. And the previous manager (Ron's dad Ernie) and I had a talk about installing an electric gate to replace the offensive one that is there now. Ernie already started building slide rails and other hardware to make that happen. I told him I could help with the electrical controls.

I saw the advertisement for the shop space a while ago, but thought it would be less than ideal because of the gate, the need to give everyone a key, and also because Ron or Ernie never intended the shop to be shared by many people because the storage yard space doesn't really lend itself to such use.

Anyway, it's worth checking out, despite my whole diatribe about it.


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Davis Makerspace
August x 2012 Meeting
Bike Forth
Loose Minutes

Present: Didnt really formally establish that.  Jordan, Larry, Angel, Darin, Steve, RAN, many others.
Started: 7:10pm?

Tim ? lead off with a show and tell on Raspberry Pi, pretty cool.

These are very spare minutes typed up a week late, so sure have missed quite a bit.

We talked about what to do next, first off a bit. Someone had a suggestion perhaps we pick different persons to chair and take notes at every meeting. People asked about having the space yet or not.

Someone, Michael ? brought up that a space is available at $0.60 psqft at 1615 2nd St st. Its a frame warehouse, pretty basic but prolly only around $1000 per month. He has some space there which is is open and about 600 sq ft to do some CNC projects.Larry said its owned by Ron Head, someone he knows in town, so perhaps he can initiate contact

We discussed a need  to assess what the community wanted to do wti hthe space, and the need to inventory it. Perhpas that is already there on the daviswiki.

We discussed the box, and agreed to load Ubuntu on it, and have the people involved with that "build it" and get it to Om Networks.There was talk of forming a subcomittee dealing with computer technical matters to have root access, and others could be given accounts for project usage as needed by the "admins" Jordan and Holliday will put that together and be in nominal control of it.

RAN Suggested we get a bank account, and the 2 basic documents needed to register a non profit, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws where we design how our organization works legally. Then ultimately as well a business plan is needed for banks, sponsors, and other areas.

Bank Account access was discussed, including some transfer protocol so there was always someone that could write checks. The Bike Church would be an example.

Discussion ensued about how those could be developed, from looking online for examples, or getting an ecopy of the bike church documents as a model. The bike church did agree to be a financial sponsor to help us collect donation money while we get our 501c3 status, provided we showed them reasonably mature documents and decisionmaking.

We talked about getting more women community members interested.

Should we just jump ship and go into the sac hackerspace that has just been aquired?

WE discussed next needed things, like policies and procedures for lending tools and using tools and the insurance needed for operations.
Ask other locations for effective software choices, like Berkley tool lib or craft center.

Larry asked about insurance for pick and pull type auto dismatler places and how they are able to operate with liability waivers in similar conditions of a dangerous work environment. Perhaps it is that level of insurance that is required for the space. Needs at least liability insurance, plus Directors M&O for non profits to help limit liability.

Steve mentioned other dangerous places like the Crucible in Oakland as examples of similar places needing heavy insurance, and immunity waivers. But also that they generate significant workshop fees.

We thought O'Reilly Publsihing might have pertinent information about opening maker spaces.

Someone offered we go to the City of Davis to make our case and try and get a grant. Since we will be providing workshops and training.

Once the organization is ready for consensus training, it is available. Only once so be ready. Have NAMI out to present people working there with training in working with mental health.

Should we get a spread sheet going to see what people want from the space, and use that as a guide to creat individual policies for these functions and how they will be presented in the business plan. To make the organization self sufficeient to operate a space certain monies will need to be handled. This also influences the mission statement. This is  a crucial piece of the Articles of Incorporation and 501 C 3 filing. ITs a general blurb about what the organization does and plans to offer the community. Fictiious name statment needs to be filed, and the name secured at Secretary of State also for the filing.

Holliday will take a stab at Articles, Jordan will look at makerspace.org and online for example Bylaws, RAN will check on insurance. We still need people to help work on a spreadsheet so we can get  a good idea of what to use for the space. Facebook poll maybe? So we can then develop policies for operations we will be carrying out. Plus this influences the business plan documents.

Adjourned like around 8:20pm

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