[dms-announce] April Meeting

James R Holliday jrholliday at davismakerspace.org
Wed Apr 9 20:21:41 PDT 2014

Greetings, Makers!

In light of current confusion and events, we are implementing a new
policy for bringing items/donations into the space:

1) Nothing is to be brought and left in the space without explicit
approval from a board member.

2) Unless previously approved by the board of directors, any items left
or stored in the space are the property of the space.

3) Nothing is to be removed from the space without explicit approval
from a board member.

I hope this new policy helps us better keep the space clean and safe,
and I expect it to help us identify and respect property ownership.

If you have an item you want to donate, run it by the board first:
<board at davismakerspace.org>.  Soon we hope to have a donation bin in the
space.  Right now we don't.

If you want/need to bring personal materials or tools into the space for
your project, go ahead.  Either make sure you take them home with you or
get approval from a board member to temporarily leave them in the space.
 We want to facilitate the maker process, but we simply don't have the
space for long-term storage.

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions regarding this new
policy, please start a new thread on the DISCUSS mailing list and let's
have a conversation.

If you currently have any items in the space you consider your PERSONAL
property, please send a note to the board.  We will soon implement rule
#2 above.



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