[dms-announce] April Meeting

James R Holliday jrholliday at davismakerspace.org
Sun Mar 30 20:25:37 PDT 2014

Greetings, Makers!

It's almost that time again; our next Monthly Meeting is in one week:
Monday, April 7, at 7pm.  In addition to BUSINESS AS USUAL, we will be
voting on whether to official adopt the interim key policy.  The meeting
agenda and policy text to be put to vote are included below.  Please
look over our bylaws if you wish to (re)familiarize yourselves with our
voting process:


Note: the text for this policy was created from community input
aggregated on our wiki:


I hope to see you all there!

-- Agenda --

  Call to Order
  Roll Call
  Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes
  Call for Additions to the Agenda
  Officers Report
  Subcommittee Reports
     Events Committee
     Key Committee
  Old Business
     Project Updates
  New Business
     Vote to adopt Initial Key Policy
  Additions to Agenda

-- Initial Key Policy --

  I) No physical keys; only digital keys will be given where approved

 II) Requirement to get digital key

     A) Must be member of the space
        1) Application (free) on file
        2) Signed liability waiver on file

     B) Must be familiar/known to the space
        *) Attend 3+ meetings
        *) Attend 1 meeting and 2+ open houses

     C) Must commit to donating back to the community through
        significant, responsible, and repeated contributions of time
        and effort to the space
        *) Money and/or accepted tools
        *) Hold regular open hours
        *) Teach a class on a regular basis

     D) Must receive approval and agree to oversight from the
        Key Committee
        1) If any problems occur, the key committee will investigate
        2) Digital keys can be revoked at will
        3) Re-issuance is at the control of the committee

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