[dms-discuss] 2023-02-06 Meeting Minutes

Braden Pellett braden at davismakerspace.org
Tue Feb 7 03:39:27 UTC 2023

2023-02-06 Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance (5/6):

- Bill H
- Braden P
- Emily S
- Julie M
- Roland

Board members absent w/o notice:

- Jax


- Elsa's Brew VR game demo scheduled for Feb. 18
  - https://davismakerspace.org/event/elsas-brew-the-vr-video-game/
- Repair cafe tentatively scheduled for April 15, outdoors.
  - Perhaps Emily will be able to join as well.
- Bill was able to do some open hours; mostly just worked on his own project, as open hours hasn't been officially launched by the Library yet.
  - He worked with some "quantified self" stuff, e.g. an electronic nose, a health monitor

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