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Heya just a quick link to an Enterprise article briefly outlining some of Julien’s work :D




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2022-12-05 Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance (5/6):

- Bill H
- Braden P
- Emily S
- Jax
- Julie M

Board members absent with notice:

- Roland

General public in attendance:

- Edward B
- Rob N


- Emily and Anne-Marie will present their game at the library.
- Edward introduces desire for and project concerning some way to help with community building in Davis, in particular with a goal on youth involvement.
  - How to balance the needs of the different populations of Davis who approach the city in different ways, e.g. kids vs UCD undergrads vs grads vs parents vs etc...
  - How to address the very out-of-date online resources that currently exist via e.g. the Davis Wiki, the Davis City website, etc.
  - Bill: Anything similar out there in another city?
  - Edward: Would be good to look, though also don't want to try to fit something that worked elsewhere into the quite potentially different environment of Davis.
- Edward was interested in connecting Bill H with a guy interested in "quantum smells".
- Voting
  - Ayes all around for the proposed set of board members and director positions:
  - Board members continue to be: Bill H, Braden, Emily S, Jax, Julie M, Roland.
  - President: Julie M
  - Treasurer: Roland
  - Secretary: Braden
- Julie reminds for call for open hours at the temporary space in the Library.
- Edward mentions that Willett has a makerspace that could get more use.  Has an inventory of tools available there.
  - Julie will connect up Edward with the Sacramento area consortium of makerspaces.
- Emily thinks back on the topic of Davis community building / data collation could also have some nice overlaps with the interests of the Library.
- Bill H mentions a brewery-focused makerspace under development by the Sac City college remote campus at UCD.
- Julie also points Edward at a Makerspace at Da Vinci High School.
- Emily: Any other projects going on?
  - Jax: Working on advent of code: https://adventofcode.com/
  - Edward: Also interested in wildlife live cam to try to make peace with all the squirrels around.
    - Emily: Nicholas is also interested in such cameras for their property for the various wildlife they are seeing around.
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