[dms-discuss] 2022-08-01 Meeting Minutes

Braden Pellett braden at davismakerspace.org
Tue Aug 2 02:40:55 UTC 2022

2022-08-01 Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance (6/6):

- Bill H
- Braden P
- Emily S
- Jax
- Julie M
- Roland

General public in attendance:

- Bill K


- Emily will be moving away mid-Sept a ways away.
  - Would like to still do virtual events going forward, but obviously not in-person. E.g. repair cafe.
- Roland is moving soon as well, but still in the general vicinity, so should still be available for some things.
- Repair Cafe is scheduled for Oct 15; how are we doing?
  - At least Julie, Jax, Roland should be available.
- Braden had some interest in a Python-focused workshop, inspired by inquiry from Katrina of the library.  But nothing is scheduled.  Braden will probably hang back to see how Emily does her workshop to learn from and follow up on that.
- Raspberry Pi workshop
  - Bill K can send along some info about the workshop to the library.
  - Bill K mentions there will be some Python in that workshop, too.
- HackerLab is shutting down.
  - Curious if there are any interesting supplies to pick up.
  - Bill H will keep an eye out, probably will visit their "garage sale".

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