[dms-discuss] Raspberry Pi GPIO workshop update

Bill King bking94618 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 01:37:27 UTC 2022

I've updated the Draft document on the Wiki:

There are status notes embedded as comments in the document itself if
you're interested. They don't show in the HTML source so think of them
as internal notes.

I think I have a good plan and procedure for getting the RPis on the
library wifi.

What I don't have is a Windows machine to test this on. I only have
Linux and Mac. Is there anyone using Windows who'd like to be a guinea
pig / test case? We can meet at the library and set up your Pi ahead
of the workshop. Let me know if you're interested.

I also talked with the Teen Librarian about when this might take
place. She'd prefer it be late June or early July. She's working on
Juneteenth and then taking a vacation. If it happens sooner, she'd
hand off any promotion work to someone else at the library. She's also
ok with us using some network scan tools to locate IP addresses if
needed. Alas, things like nmap can't find hostnames on DHCP. But we
can work around that.

Bill King

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