[dms-discuss] 2022-04-04 Meeting Minutes

Braden Pellett braden at davismakerspace.org
Tue Apr 5 03:00:20 UTC 2022

2022-04-04 Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance:

- Bill H
- Braden P
- Emily S
- Jax
- Julie M

Board members absent:

- Roland

General public in attendance:

- Bill K
- Rob N


- Workshop went well overall; didn't have time to go through the whole thing.
- Bill K has some ideas of a workshop on learning to setting up and using a Raspberry Pi.
  - Perhaps connect via command-line and SSH so that one can use one's existing laptop instead of having to connect another keyboard and monitor.
  - In particular, the trail-and-error and troubleshooting involved.
  - Bill H: Should have the budget to get some cheaper Pis and some memory cards.
  - Bill K will set up a wiki page for thoughts and planning.
    - https://wiki.davismakerspace.org/RpiGPIO
  - Thoughts on what kind of sensors one might try hooking up to the Pi.
  - No objections from present members on spending DMS money up to ~$200 on parts.
  - Supply might be a bit of an issue currently; a brief search doesn't show any in stock.  So perhaps we might need to wait a while.
- Bill H has 3 excess box fan air filters available for people at cost (~$17) if anyone wants.
- Repair cafe coming up; May 14.
  - Emily will there early to open up; Bill H can be there at the end to close down.
- New space construction news; coming along, current installing electrical outlets.
  - Friends of the Library may have more money to donate towards the laser cutter.
- Will there be a Doodle poll or something for repair cafe attendance?
  - Emily: Fairly informal right now, and the poll doesn't necessarily get great use, so perhaps just send email about when one should be able to help out.
  - 11a-2p, though volunteers can start ~10a to get set up.
- Rob has a Pi that could be used for Space purposes.
- Sac City College Davis Branch has someone who contacted us via Facebook who is interested in setting up a makerspace, looking for advice and collaboration.  Julie is in contact.
- Library will have another flier for repair cafe that we'll have available to post around.

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