[dms-discuss] Minutes 2021-12-13

Braden Pellett braden at davismakerspace.org
Tue Dec 14 03:56:55 UTC 2021

2021-12-13 Meeting Minutes

Board members attending:

- Braden
- Emily S
- Jax
- Roland

Board members absent w/o notification:

- James


- Bill H
- Julie M
- Rob N


- Quorum reached (all board members minus one).

- No objections to the current slate of board members.
  - Bill H
  - Braden (Secretary)
  - Emily S
  - Jax (President)
  - Julie M
  - Roland (Treasurer)
- Braden will add people to the board mailing list.

- Bill brought up making sure we can check in with board members in case they don't show up to a meeting.
  - We'll trade phone numbers on the board mailing list to make that possible.

- No objections to lowering the minimum number of board members to 4.
- Braden will make the change to the bylaws on GitHub.

- Emily asked Rob for some help measuring 3D printers so Crista can know about cabinetry dimensions.

- Library recap:
  - Conference + teen room will be combined and renovated for a Makerspace, with some incoming+ongoing decisions about furnishings and equipment.
  - Emily+Julie+Bill went to Woodland library Makerspace to get info and direction.
  - Ran a repair cafe last month, seemed to generate some interest for a next one.

- Rob: Any outreach or funding needs?
- The laser cutter to be bought is the biggest item to be funded.
  - At the moment just have $6,000 vs $18,000 options; large gap to bridge to get from lower cost to higher cost one; not sure exactly how much funds come from library.
- Rob: and people?
- Emily: Yes, certainly nice to try to get more people, now that things are picking up and the library is needing some more input.

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