[dms-discuss] Fwd: Its time to pick your artist for the July 12th ArtAbout.

Roland Synnestvedt rsynnest at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 19:12:10 UTC 2019

Hi DMS folks,

The ArtAbout coordinator for the city (Katy Karns  katy at davisdowntown.com)
was a fan of our little shindig and would love if we joined in more
ArtAbouts. The next one is July 12th. With my wedding coming up in a few
months my free time is getting eaten up pretty quick, so I won't be able to
coordinate anything for July 12th, but am hoping we can do something for

The usual ArtAbout formula is: Setup the show with Artists (list attached),
then let Katy know who will be shown at our space
But we don't necessarily have to stick to that formula. I think it's a good
opportunity for us to be on the ArtAbout to publicize any type of Artsy
event we might want to setup.
So if anyone has any thoughts on an event they'd like to do for August,
please share!


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