[dms-discuss] Clean-up Party Follow-Up

Roland Synnestvedt rsynnest at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 22:38:51 UTC 2019

Hey Emily!

Sorry I missed this, I can't make it today but I was doing some cleanup on
Wednesday. There are a couple of plastic tubs that just need a dump run
leftover from the last cleanup day (the 2 tubs stacked on the east side of
the metal crafting shelf, next to the large printer). The huge power strip
next to them is also garbage. I think for the most part if it looks like
junk it probably is junk and nobody will miss it.

I was the one who moved the metal crafting shelf and moved everything into
the giant pile to give us access to the ladder and the lockers and the tool
shelf and to make a bit more space for staging things we want to get rid
of. I also moved the fridge and table under the new shelves and setup a new
network switch I found lying around to replace the broken one.

I think the large table saw is the first thing that needs to go out of the
giant pile. I can post an ad but i'm not sure how much we should be asking
for it on Craigslist?


On Sat, Feb 2, 2019, 2:17 PM Emily Schleiner <cordial.emily at gmail.com wrote:

> Hey all,
> I did some sorting of old cardboard and other odds and ends but didn't
> mess with the printer parts since I don't know what is useful etc.
> If anyone sorts some of 'the giant pile' (that's what I call it) can you
> please mark off items into boxes/piles with a sign on it saying 'stuff to
> take apart' and 'stuff to give away or toss'. I'll stop by every other
> Saturday (early afternoon) in the next couple months and grab the 'give
> away and toss' stuff. Y'all can sort in your own time.
> I made a sign about it on the white board to help us stay on task.
> See you Monday for the meeting,
> Cheers,
> Emily
> On Mon, Jan 14, 2019, 4:18 PM Emily Schleiner <cordial.emily at gmail.com
> wrote:
>> Thanks Ryan,
>> Yes, I think that's a great idea. I'm putting Jan 26th, 12 noon into my
>> calendar.
>> Cheers!
>> Emily
>> On Mon, Jan 14, 2019 at 12:01 PM Ryan McKay <yakcm.nayr at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> We had our clean-up party on Saturday and it went really well, it was a
>>> huge step forward towards a cleaner, more open makerspace.  A *lot* of
>>> vacuuming and dusting got done, the remaining shelving unit from Radio
>>> Shack got set up, and a whole Honda-Fit-full (you can fit an impressive
>>> amount of stuff in a Fit) of ewaste was taken to the dump.  Huge thanks to
>>> Bill, Braden, Emily, Jax, Julie, and Roland!  Y'all were kickin' butt and
>>> chewing bubble gum!
>>> I am hoping we can ride some of this momentum forward and host a 2nd
>>> clean-up party to tackle some loose ends in a couple weeks.  There's still
>>> more ewaste that was uncovered after Emily left with the Fit-load as well
>>> as miscellaneous junk that needs to go to the dump, our wiring needs some
>>> TLC (RasPi corner, network, and electrical... we had some circuit breakers
>>> fail during the shutdown and it's now kinda hard to find a spot to plug
>>> in), and it would be good to finish what we started in the Southeast corner
>>> with the fridge, populating the new shelves, and tossing out the old funky
>>> cleaning supplies over there, etc.
>>> So maybe on Saturday, January 26th at noon we host "The Return of
>>> Clean-Up Party: Loose End Beat-Down" ...anyone else up for that?
>>> Thanks!  ^_^
>>> -Ryan
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