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Hi Folks

Tim Keller from Area 52 had me over to see Inventopia a few days ago.
Tim was the guy we met with a few times about helping working in and use
the old Moller Flying Car building.

He split  with Sierra Energy on Area 52 after no success securing
adequate rennovations, has done some things,  and started a maker space
type non profit called Inventopia which has a business incubation non
profit emphasis for companies, to proto type things coming out of UCD.

There are 4 tenants, mostly from UCD technology transfer etc, that are
pursuing entrepreneurness. It is about an 1500 sq ft space next to the
DMV at 1949 5th, right across from Omsoft.

So it turns out, its next door to long time business Action Signs, a 30
year plus wood/metal/what have a shop for producing and machining
physical signs. Paul, the owner, is pulling out after a family tragedy,
and Tim is really interested in picking up Paul's space as they open
into one another. It is another 1500 or so square feet of shop type
space. Tim has a laser cutter, a CNC Lathe/Mill, a bandsaw, and other
things we don't have. It is unclear if we would have we can do what we
want with it type space, or on his invitation or what. It would warrant
more discussion from you all and Tim.

As with the last time, I think he is hoping we would come have the
Makerspace there, use the shop and its materials during our "open
hours", generate "buzz" and refer paid customers to his non profit,
either in the form of actual business incubation clients, which are paid
to his non profit, or I guess people that get 24/7 access when DMS
volunteers aren't on site.

HE said payment was "not needed", but that he'd be picking up a net
+$400 to take over the space. Its also unclear as to what Paul would
take out, and if he would still intermittently use the space he has
rented for like 30+years

Anyway, I just talked with him for 20 minutes at his request, and told
him I'd share it with you all to get an assesment of interest. I haven't
made any plans or details or anything just coming to tell you all . I
guess I would put together a meeting again with us and  him to discuss
details if interested. We do have an MOU document we could use for this
all ready, LOL.

Also this all just happened, so we need to come together somewhat
quickly and let Tim know if we are interested.

Take Care


Robert Nickerson
UCD Class of 1996
CEO, Om Networks

cell: 5308483865www.omsoft.com

Robert Nickerson
UCD Class of 1996
CEO, Om Networks

cell: 5308483865www.omsoft.com
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