[dms-discuss] Fall Repair Cafe

Steve Edberg edberg at edberg-online.com
Tue Dec 5 11:12:05 PST 2017

I have added the event to Undietacos -


- feel free to suggest any changes, I can make them. Undietacos is one 
of the sources for the KDVS event calendar. I attempted to add it to our 
event calendar -


- but it doesn't appear that my account allows me to add events. I'm 
willing to keep it up to date, if I get access; the last events posted 
were the Mindfulness seminars in November.

We are on the KDRT events calendar -


- which appears to be provided by the Davis Dirt -


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On 2017-12-04 7:13 pm, Robert Nickerson wrote:
> Hi
> Here is the poll in case you need to check your time.
> https://doodle.com/poll/yqmm5sky473kgzxm
> Take Care

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