[dms-discuss] Missing sunglasses Monday?

Braden dms at dabrado.net
Thu Apr 14 18:15:59 PDT 2016

Hey Steve,

There were some sunglasses on the floor near one of the boxes of donations.
I set them in front of the oscilloscope on the table.  I believe they have a
brown tint and wire rims..?  Anyway, hopefully they're yours, in case you
haven't gotten around to the implanted adaptive optics yet.

  - Braden

On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 09:25:01AM -0700, Steve Edberg wrote:
> Hi -
> Next time anyone is in the space, can you see if there's a pair of
> sunglasses sitting on the middle table or thereabouts? I got a
> (fortunately pretty cheap) pair on Sunday to replace a pair I recently
> lost...and then seem to have lost them again after one %#(%#** day.
> Time to implant some adaptive optics in my eyeballs...Maker project!
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