[dms-discuss] 2015-10-05 DMS General Meeting Minutes

Braden Pellett braden at davismakerspace.org
Sat Oct 31 13:12:02 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Attached are the minutes for the previous October 5th meeting, and they are
posted to the website here:


  - Braden
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- Call to Order
  - At 19:05
- Roll Call
  - Everyone except Bill; arrived 19:10.
- Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes
  - No objections; approved.
- Call for Additions to the Agenda
  - None.
- Officers' Report
  - President
    - Acknowledge Steve Inness' passing.
    - Didn't know him personally too well, wished he had gotten to know him better.
    - There is good information about his life on the Davis Wiki page.
  - Secretary
    - Nothing to report.
  - Treasurer
    - Sitting okay to last through the year and into next year.
    - Caught up on all state and federal paperwork.
- Subcommittee Reports
  - Events Committee
    - Nothing to report.
    - There is a brunch scheduled for November 7.
      - Anyone want to organize that?
      - Will revisit at next meeting (which is one week before).
  - Key Committee
    - No progress to report; Jeff says may have something to talk about for the November meeting.
  - Materials Committee
    - Nothing to report.
- Old Business
  - SARndbox
    - Steve E. summarized the project.
    - The table is present in the space.
    - Have a better projector and computer and cable.
    - Want to build the box to put on the table, made out of acrylic, and mount the computer under
      the table.  The acrylic box is designed to fit on top of the table (versus being build onto
      the table.)
  - ExplorIt's "Last Blast" event
    - Jeff and Rob went.
    - There was some cool falconry.
    - Jeff encourages others to go next year.
- New Business
  - Bill described a Transformative Technology conference in Palo Alto
    - Interesting talks about biofeedback.
    - Consciousness Hacking group out of San Francisco.
    - Videos are available online.
- Additions to Agenda
  - Question from James: How was Area 52?
    - Steve E. says it was interesting, in particular due to his history with Moller.
    - Old machine shop is there, with the tools and a wind tunnel.
    - Composite lab, wet lab, office / co-working spaces, presentation space.
    - Rates for use currently unknown.
    - Sierra Energy will be renting space in there.
    - Perhaps can work in concert with our space, where we fill the more hacker/artistic niche.
    - They are also a non-profit.
  - Bill mentions a guy who runs a small makerspace for projects for kids, some talk of getting a
    barn of some kind on the Explorit grounds that could perhaps be a shared space for the various
    maker groups in town.
- Adjournment
  - At 19:26

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