[dms-discuss] 2015-05-04 DMS General Meeting Minutes

Braden dms at dabrado.net
Sun May 31 17:10:54 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Here are the minutes from the meeting at the start of the month.  Sorry for
the delay!

The markdown is attached, and the HTML is output to:

  - Braden
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- Meeting start @ 19:07
- Roll call
  - All officers except for Bill (who arrived later).
- Previous minutes are accepted.
- Additions to agenda
  - Junk cleanout
- Officers reports
  - President report
    - Nice weather.
  - Secretary report
    - Agrees that the weather is nice.
  - Treasurer report
    - Got the Davis city business licence corrected to read "Davis Makerspace" instead of "Davis
    - We are in the black, though heading into the red.
- Commitee reports
  - Events committee
    - (Jordan) Let's get the Kinect scanner turntable working. Can we get together some weekend to
      see how we can see about it getting it working?
      - (Rob) Current hangup is that we don't have a copy of Skanect+Windows 7 to use.
      - (Jim) General concern about having too many toys around the space to then spend time/money
        to maintain.
      - (Jordan) Will look into software options before scheduling event.
    - (Jeff) We can check to see if Steve E would like to do music for the June Art About.
  - Key Committee
    - Nothing to report.
- Old Business
  - (Rob) Sarndbox
    - Looking into the use of extruded aluminum to create the sandbox itself.
      - There is a software tool for creating the box.
    - Sandbox would sit on and affixed to a sturdy table that Explorit has.
    - Ran by Explorit, they seem happy with the idea and gave the go-ahead to buy parts.
    - Once Rob has a design, he'd like someone with engineering knowledge to give it a look over.
    - (Jim) Who's money is being spent for the parts?
      - (Rob) Explorit's.
  - Projector Bulb
    - (Rob) Ordered the bulb, and it is currently in West Sacramento.
    - (Jeff) Volunteered to get the bulb installed.
    - Rob will be reembursed
  - Reembursements
    - Reembursement for snacks to Tim.
- New Business
  - (Jim) Plotter Swap
    - Jim fixed up the large format printer that Jeff originally brought in.
    - Would the space like the smaller cheaper-to-maintain printer, or the larger more-complex
    - There is no rush to make a decision.
    - (Tim) When printing out black and white on this larger printer, and it came out a little
    - (Rob) What about current supplies?
      - Current supplies would not work for the smaller printer.
      - Though, the current larger printer has two printheads that it thinks are bad, and we don't
        have replacements for that.
    - (Jeff) No problem with a swap, and the smaller one does seem easier to maintain.
    - (Tim) Also wouldn't mind a swap.
    - General consensus is that the swap would be fine.
  - Junk Buildup
    - Some of the wood belongs to Alan, who is rebuilding some chairs.
    - What to do with the Macs?
      - If they could be made into internet kiosks, that would be nice.  But if 
      - The Macs are on notice for 2 months; if they haven't been used for 2 months then Rob will
        take them for donation to an artist.
    - Other stuff has been claimed or moved.
    - (Tim) Could people if they bring stuff in, please post that to the discuss@ list?
    - (Jim) Re-suggests a committee for incoming material review.
      - Jim volunteers to lead the Material Review Board.
      - Tim and Bill volunteer to be part of that board.
    - (Steve I) Concerned about when one of his projects was removed from the space.
      - The board appologized that that happened.
      - Hopefully with a Material Review Board, such things can be prevented from happening in the
- (Bill) Encourages everyone to go the makerfaire.
- (Tim) What happened to the Library people?
  - (Bill) Not sure; will try to remain in contact.
- Printrbot status
  - Jim, Tim, Steve I recounted the status and what might need to be done for the Printrbot LC and
    Printrbot prototype.
- Adjournment
  - 19:50

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